Act IV: Coordination

Act IV: Coordination
The theme of KeeperDAO Act IV is Coordination.
桃李不言, 下自成蹊

"Peach and plum trees do not talk, yet a path is formed beneath them."

Welcome to KeeperDAO Act IV: Coordination. The major focus of this Act is the development of the Coordination Game and the network of users, governors, partners, and Keepers who will coordinate together to generate its value.

During Act IV, the Coordination Game will enter an exciting phase of development and be put through its final paces with live testing and other benchmarks. The DAO itself will come of age, collaborating to launch the novel KeeperDAO Governance and propose the first KIPs. Finally, the expanded Core and Labs teams will keep up the march to provide the best user experience in DeFi, with new documentation and tooling that will make it easier to integrate, and continued improvements for the Hiding Game and Hiding Vaults technologies.

Emission Schedule

At the end of Act III, daily emissions are 825 ROOK/day. This is being cut 30% to 577.5 ROOK/day for Act IV. In total, 51,975 ROOK will be emitted during the Act.

Emissions will be distributed between Hiding Vault, Hiding Game, and Liquidity Pool participants according to the table below.

Name Percentage # ROOK this Act # ROOK per day
Hiding Vault 40 20790 231
Hiding Game 40 20790 231
Liquidity Pools 20 10395 115.5
Total 100 51975 577.5

Excess ROOK from Act III

As mentioned here, the delayed launch of the Hiding Vaults meant that only 6,125 of the planned 49,000 ROOK were minted and emitted to Hiding Vault users during Act III.

We no longer consider the remaining 42,875 ROOK as part of the emission schedule. We will present a KIP to formally burn this during Act IV.

Act IV-V Roadmap

We are happy to give some insight into some of our high level initiatives for the coming Acts. Plans are focused on the Coordination Game, onboarding key stakeholders (partners, market makers, and Keepers), rolling out Governance, and adding features to our existing DeFi user products.

We present a bird's eye view of our top priorities for the coming months. As you can see, with the expansion of the team, we have many pipelines moving along in parallel.

Note: The above roadmap is a general guide - many pieces have fluctuating scope and resource needs change. Additionally, we are leaving some bandwidth available in Act V to prepare for new innovations, Governance ideas, and advancing existing technology.

MEV is one of the most complex and concerning problems in the cryptocurrency space. The steps we take in the coming Act will position KeeperDAO as an important part of the solution, through our protocols, products, networks, and a community committed to democratizing MEV and improving DeFi for everybody.

The collaborative KeeperDAO ecosystem – from the upcoming Coordination Game to our novel Governance and our products that put users first – is taking shape. Every day, the beacon of light we shine into the Dark Forest gets a little brighter. Can you see it?

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