Catalog & KeeperDAO

Catalog, a revolutionary new cross-chain trading system secured by the power of Ren, will be built with KeeperDAO Coordination.

Catalog & KeeperDAO

Introducing Catalog

Catalog, a revolutionary new cross-chain trading system secured by the power of Ren, will be built with KeeperDAO Coordination.

By leveraging KeeperDAO’s Coordination protocol for cross-chain settlement and order execution, Catalog will not only become completely MEV-resistant, but will also benefit from efficient order execution, price improvement, and MEV-based revenue for the protocol and its liquidity providers.

Why work together?

We have talked before about the growing complexity of blockchain applications, and shared our thesis that the future of blockchain trading would be far more streamlined for both individual and institutional users than it is today.

In the exchanges of the future, details such as what chain an asset belongs to, gas limits, slippage, routing, MEV, will not be on the trader’s mind. They will disappear behind a generalized settlement infrastructure that allows all kinds of new products, including exchanges, to build directly on top of a simple API.

At KeeperDAO, we want that API to be an open, trustless, verifiably-optimal, community-owned public good. We call it Coordination because that’s what it does — it lets all the actors on all the blockchains work together seamlessly, each following their own incentives to create perfect efficiency.

So when the team at Ren Labs began building Catalog, a revolutionary chain-agnostic DEX, they turned to KeeperDAO to enhance vital parts of their settlement process. No other protocol could do it.

"KeeperDAO’s access to liquidity and ability to settle across blockchains is unmatched, and while there are multiple protocols that provide some degree of MEV protection, we wanted to take it one step further by building on the only protocol that doesn’t just defend from MEV, but harnesses it, boosting efficiency and delivering Catalog and its users new surplus revenue.” - Jaz Gulati, Co-founder @ Ren Labs

CEX? DEX? Catalog.

Catalog is a breakthrough design in many ways. The Catalog team has envisioned a chain-agnostic exchange that combines the security and trustlessness of an AMM, with the user-friendliness of a centralized exchange.

It’s easy to use and accessible, but doesn’t make tradeoffs that compromise the core blockchain properties we all care about. This is the next generation of on-chain trading, and the state-of-the-art MPC behind Ren is what makes it possible.

We expect you’ll be hearing more about Catalog, including specific details about its design and technology, in the coming weeks as the team prepares for the protocol launch

At KeeperDAO, we are always excited to support true innovation that drives all projects forward.

Our industry is built on the goal of simple, universal participation. But the road to that goal passes through some of the world’s least-accessible, most sophisticated, math, finance, and technology.

Sometimes we forget to put our toys away. We love working with builders who don’t forget, who go that last mile to make it safe, make it simple, and create an experience that is truly for everyone.

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