KeeperDAO Act III: Decentralisation

KeeperDAO Act III: Decentralisation

All things must change
To something new, to something strange.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Kéramos (1878), line 32

KeeperDAO Community, we hope you have been enjoying the calm before the storm. It is indeed an important moment for us. We are just days away from the launch of kCompound, one of the most advanced borrowing experiences in DeFi and a showcase for the power of Keepers to deliver novel, in-demand services that resist MEV and protect Users.

But more important even than kCompound is what we are about to embark on during Act III. The theme of Act III is Decentralisation.

The heart of our protocol decentralisation — the Coordination Game — is being built. The core team has begun working with Keepers and designing the algorithms that will create that game-theoretically optimal balance between individual profit and common good, which will allow our products like kCompound to be backed by the full power of a decentralised Keeper ecosystem.

As we work to decentralise our technology, we must also work to decentralise ourselves (it’s right there in the name, after all). The hard work of our community contributors — we can’t possibly say how impressed we are with the talent already stepping up — has allowed us to begin the transition into a DAO.

Let’s look at what we’re about to become — and build — together.

KeeperDAO Act III Roadmap

The cornerstone of the coming months will be the launch of decentralised governance, turning over control to ROOK holders and allowing KeeperDAO to become truly decentralised.

This will radically alter the way we work. The future will be increasingly community-driven and, accordingly, more transparent. Key to this vision is KeeperDAO Labs, which we will formally introduce in June. We also can’t wait to see what initiatives emerge from the new governance process.

Things are about to get very exciting, and what we can say based on the last few weeks—and after onboarding a rook-load of new contributors— is that the future is looking very bright.

See you in the storm.

KeeperDAO Act III Roadmap

Thanks to 0xlapras, @Rama, @hedgedhog, and many other contributors.

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