November Development Update

November Development Update

As some of my American colleagues return from some well-deserved holiday/family time, I want to reflect on that holiday spirit and just say how thankful I am to be a part of this project and community. The passion that our community members have for seeing us succeed really inspires and re-engages me on a daily basis, and I am truly blessed to be able to have a role in this journey.

Looking back at the last month, we can see the great steps taken towards a new era for KeeperDAO. The Coordination Game nears, governance strategies are being deployed, our application continues to get upgraded, and we continue to see fantastic contributors arise from our community and take on larger roles.

Monthly Update -> Quarterly Update

We are going to make a small pivot with the Monthly Development Updates. Following the best practices of other protocols, instead of continuing to recap on a monthly basis, we will create a Quarterly Recap, which will be recapping development content, financial updates, project and community milestones, and DAO opportunities. This will happen every quarter, starting with January of 2022.

We plan to be able to communicate more openly on development once the Coordination Game goes live, and are working on ways to deliver this content regularly to the community that would make a monthly recap redundant.


With now ten KIPs in the books, November saw the DAO make our first strategic investments (shoutout to our friends at Maple Finance, Maven 11 and Olympus who assisted us), continue to refine our emissions, and sharpen our governance process.

Part of the enhancements to the process will involve some retooling. It will be important over the next month to take a look at every part of our governance process and more clearly define key aspects, including strategic goals, roles within KeeperDAO governance, and governance cadence and structure.

One of the most pressing items discussed by the community and the team is the management of our treasury. Per our KIPs, we will continue to acquire the CVX from KIP-5, and daily bonds and rewards from Olympus Pro and Maple are already paying off. These first steps are just that, and the need for a larger strategy to be constructed that takes a more holistic approach has rapidly surfaced. We have been collaborating with a dedicated group of community members to define and organize a Treasury Management Committee

There are still more decisions to be made, as we evaluate the effectiveness of our current emissions, formulate and deploy CVX strategies, and plan for the long-term success of the DAO.

Coordination Game

We’re running end-to-end system tests right as we speak while we fine-tune the system, address some edge cases that may occur if users or keepers try to work beyond the parameters designed in our system, and make sure all of our features and applications are production-ready.

The team has had the full functionality demo'ed in a few all-hands meetings, and to say the tech is impressive is underselling it; we can't wait to showcase this to everyone. The next step is a mainnet staging soft launch, so the Coordination Game can be tested in a live mainnet production environment.

With enough successful testing under our belt, we have started to create the documentation for each of the user types that will interact with the Coordination Game. Our top priority is to make it as easy as possible to fully integrate keepers and market makers.

If you are a market maker or Keeper interested in integrating with the Coordination Game, please reach out to me on Discord at @whatsthedeetz ♜♜♜#7195.

Product Development

Our focus has been paying off, as we have worked our way through a list of technical debt that improves our products. We have been preparing internal processes for our anticipated expansion of the dev team.

We have also onboarded a new cohort of 4 web developers who will begin contributing in December.

Trade UX Changes

We deployed a number of updates for the Hiding Game application, including:

  • UI enhancements to make certain actions clearer for new users
  • Network request optimization that increased performance
  • Curated store of token logos, added some new tokens
  • Bug fixes:
  • Open orders stuck at 98%+ now show as filled
  • Some price input issues were discovered and fixed

Hiding Vaults

Our team is working on a complete design overhaul of the Hiding Vaults interface.

The main UX improvements are:

  • When your position is being underwritten, the JITU warnings are much more intuitive
  • COMP/ROOK rewards claim user flow
  • Ability to view and interact with the Hiding Vault interface without having to mint a vault first
  • Components have been redesigned with some minor visual QOL improvements across the board

We anticipate that this design overhaul will greatly improve UX, especially making the features and functionality much more obvious and clear.

Looking Ahead

KeeperDAO, like any living organism, continues to evolve, grow, and change. With the resources we have amassed, this talented team, and our amazing technology, it is time to think about how we can grow much bigger than our current state.

We are excited that you are taking this journey with us, and we expect to go far, together.

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