March Development Update

March Development Update

Welcome to the first ever KeeperDAO development update! We will roll out a monthly update moving forward. March has been a busy month of optimisations for the Hiding Game Keeper bot and developments for the Hiding Game application. Let’s dive in.

The Hiding Game Keeper Bot

The team has worked on integrating more DEXes for the Hiding Game Keeper Bot to improve trade routing and efficiency.


The 1inch integration is almost complete with small bugs left in the pricing algorithm. It uses a unique way of calculating token balances leading to unforeseen customisations needed before we can fully integrate. The integration will allow the team Keeper bot to route its trades through all 1inch pools. Initially, we intended to integrate Mooniswap as well, however there were some differences to 1inchV2 and most of the trading volume occurs in the new pools and not Mooniswap (1inchV1).


The Keeper bot has a long history with BancorV1, but has not yet upgraded to BancorV2. We are preparing for that integration as volume has shifted to their upgraded protocol.

Research: BancorV2 Architecture

Every tradeable token in BancorV2 is paired with BNT, similar to UniswapV1 where each tradeable token was paired with ETH. However, we cannot trade directly with just one smart contract per pool but need to use paths which to route the trades through. We are in the initial stages of research BancorV2.

New Features, Optimisations & Fixes

This month, we have added more tokens to the supported list on the Hiding Game trading application. You can view the complete token list here:

The Hiding Game also has better support for facilitating trades from an uncommon token to another uncommon token. See following example:

Soft Cancel

We have designed a soft cancel feature for orders enabling users to cancel orders without paying gas. This is under development and will be rolled out soon.

Currently, the Hiding Game supports a hard cancel which is a transaction broadcasted onchain by the user who signed the order. This prevents the order from ever being filled.

A soft cancel marks the order as unfillable on the orderbook. Keepers are instructed not to fill this order. If a Keeper has already broadcasted a transaction to fill this order when they receive the event to mark this order as unfillable, the order may still get filled. If a user wants to guarantee that their order will never be filled, we still recommend using a hard cancel.

Instant Fill

Instant fill is a new feature that suggests an instant execution price for users wanting to trade instantly via limit order. This involves the team running a second Keeper bot which is deployed in “support only mode”, taking requests from the HidingBook. When users request an instant price from the HidingBook, the request is relayed to the support Keeper bot which determines the price required to execute the trade with a minimal reward. The price is returned to the user and displayed on the limit order feature. The user can then consider whether to execute or modify their order.

Compound Wrapper

We have built a Compound wrapper that allows KeeperDAO-friendly Keepers to liquidate positions. This is done with the help of JITU (Just-In-Time-Underwriter) which adds collateral to positions that are close to liquidation. KeeperDAO-friendly Keepers wait until the position goes underwater, liquidate the position and return the buffer added by JITU. These contracts have been built, tested and submitted for an audit from Peckshield and Quantstamp.

Hiding Game Integrations

March saw integrations of the Hiding Game into:

We expect more announcements in April and May as more teams finish up integrations of the Hiding into their platforms.

New Front-end UI

There has been on-going discussion within the community on improvements to the KeeperDAO and Hiding Game UI. Here are some sneak peeks and we welcome any feedback on the proposed changes.

In addition to the above, we are also working on new landing and FAQ pages.

Community in March

AMA with 0x:

Epicenter Podcast:

Joey chats about KeeperDAO, grim trigger strategy, the Hiding Game and the roadmap for the future.

Lastly, we would like to welcome Nathan Worsley to the team. You may know Nathan as the maker of “Salmonella” and “Listeria” which food-poisoned Etheremine:

All this sets us up with a lot of exciting developments around the corner. See you all in April!

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