Governance Workshop 6.29.22

Governance Workshop 6.29.22

At the Gov Workshop, there was lots to discuss. Existing and upcoming proposals, Internal and External DAO structures, Attack vectors and potential mitigation, and ways to measure consensus.

Key Discussion Points:

Review of Existing Proposals

Previewed upcoming  Treasury and organizational proposals

  • Discretion over claimable assets accrued by the DAO
  • Extension of KIP-21
  • Q3 Labs Budget
  • Managing existing Treasury positions

Reviewed recent governance developments at MakerDAO and potential lessons for Rook

  • Competing structural ideas for Maker
  • Importance of a Charter/Constitution as a Northstar.

Looking inward towards our own DAO

  • Reviewed recent discussions around governance v.2 and changes to the forum.
  • Launched community discussion around establishing standards that clarify transition from one step of the process to the next, including establishing timelines and moving proposals from the forum to Sophon review.
  • Multiple options were discussed, new options were brought to the table, and discussion will continue in the coming weeks to gather input from all community members. Open issues include:
  • How should community consensus be measured?
  • How can intent be measured?
  • What is the clear step for the author to trigger the next step?

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