Treasury Tuesday 6.28.22

Treasury Tuesday 6.28.22

The Treasury team focused on updating the community on current DeFi events related to our Treasury assets, discussed a Treasury Charter, and began workshopping our stable-coin deployment strategy.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Maple withdrawal has a longer process due to lack of funds being on chain
  • Treasury funds in the process to withdraw from bancor.
  • ETH deployment passed unanimously, behind the scenes team will outline a deployment schedule (75% of our idle eth), de-pegging with stakewise and ldo has some concerns, but with long term thoughts in mind, we’re in good shape. Potential discounts in order.
  • Compensation for 2.5 now live. After 2 months, compensation 3.0 will be imposed.
  • Shared value to operate from treasury charter, to ensure survival of the treasury - goal is to operate in five key principles. Mission based management - maintain an infinite time horizon - decisions in a systematic manner - diversification - high win rate scenarios.
  • Q2 update soon ™. Revenue projections, spending for the quarter, and where we are on the journey. is key holding ourselves accountable in regards to spending. The report will illustrate our mission into converting volume into revenue - we know what ratio how much volume vs revenue we can obtain - Where do we need to pay more attention, what makes sense and what doesn’t.
  • Stablecoin deployment - stables are god, and one main goal is to only play with battle tested protocols. Current list has blue chips, as well as some other players.
  • Yield is very low, as demand is high. Another goal is to use protocols that could potentially lead to value other than yield. (partnerships, orderflow).
  • Stablecoin proposal work in progress will continue

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