Governance Workshop 7.27.22

Governance Workshop 7.27.22
Governance Workshop is a biweekly, open meeting where we discuss specific proposals that are in progress and workshop new ideas about Rook's governance process.

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Proposals & Drafts

Current Events

  • Treasury Tuesdays are moving to a bi-weekly schedule (every other week). [2:12m]
  • Jason mentioned some relevant concerns with a controversial Lido governance vote (a treasury diversification proposal) involving last-minute influence of two whales. [2:57m]

Governance Reform

  • Jason presented a model of how governance proceeds from Sophons’ recommendations and token-holders’ votes to reconciliation. What is meaningful disagreement, and how do we measure it?  [5:20m]
  • A whale voted as an objector to KIP-26. Although they were the only objector, their votes amounted to 10% of the total vote. [6:40m]
  • Perhaps Rook could adopt a more rule-based way to handle the reconciliation process, such as requiring a quorum for objections? [7:01m]
  • Starfire mentioned that using the number of wallets as a measure can be easily gamed. [8:39m]
  • aia made a case for weighting xROOK more heavily than ROOK, including a provision for the amount of time the xROOK has been staked. [10:00 m]
  • On the question of one wallet or multiple wallets: if wallets are attached to identities, the quorum approach may be more viable. [14:40m]
  • The group discussed voter apathy, with Above Average Joe (AAJ) mentioning the need to use a method that scales with voters. [19:35m]
  • Stubbs raised a question as to whether Rook should continue with the current approach of not keeping a record of voters who consent. [20:30-21:30m]
  • Jason mentioned that while there has been an increase in the amount of tokens voting, it’s still a small proportion of all tokens. [22:04m]
  • The voter sets can now be expanded to Sushiswap, Uniswap, and Bancor v3. [23:20m]
  • Thanks to the work of RaiNFall and Pai-Sho, holders of xROOK can now vote (which is relatively new), and levels of weight given to xROOK can be tuned. [23:35m]
  • RaiNFall verified that it’s possible to fine-tune the weights for ROOK and xROOK separately on Snapshot. [25:15m]
  • Matt mentioned the possibility of forking another kind of staking contract as a possible alternative to incurring the opportunity cost of the dev time that would be needed for fine-tuning. [32:08m]
  • AAJ suggested a slider bar for yield payout versus vote parameter. [33:08m]
  • Addressing questions on processes for expedited (urgent/time-sensitive) proposals, Wes mentioned that Maker has a position called a facilitator who keeps an eye on what’s happening in governance. In one case, a bad actor used a flash loan vote to influence a governance outcome. [35:18m]
  • Matt asks if are there quick ways to capture evidence of a soft consensus? [39:00m]
  • Jason suggested the possibility of thinking about use cases and then refining. [40:20m]
  • Off-chain governance reduces the potential attack surface. [39:59m]

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