Treasury Tuesday 7.26.22

Treasury Tuesday 7.26.22
Treasury Tuesday calls are open-invite meetings to drive the strategy, risk management, and overall discussion for all aspects relating to the Rook DAO Treasury.

To participate in the calls and ask any questions you may have, join our Discord!


  • The Treasury Charter aims to create a framework for guiding the direction and vision of the treasury.
  • The Establish a Testing Wallet KIP will allow the team to internally test the protocol with live stablecoin funds, but not expose the treasury to directional market risk.
  • A Bancor Proposal seeks to withdraw liquidity from Bancor, and instead utilize different strategies such as Tokemak.
  • The Non-Core Asset Discretion Proposal gives the team the flexibility to manage assets worth <$100k without requiring cumbersome governance processes.
  • The Optimism Proposal seeks funding from the Phase 1 Optimism Governance Fund in order to bolster L2 development efforts.

Open Floor

  • Please provide feedback for the Treasury & Protocol Dashboard via the requests sheet.
  • Stubbs has developed a new liquidity dashboard. Please provide feedback!
  • Treasury Tuesday may move to a bi-weekly cadence, with an additional Community Workshop added during the off-weeks. [4m]
  • Aia brings up a discussion item regarding the tenure of treasury team members. Further discussion on the delegation of powers and onboarding/offboarding process is encouraged, but the simplest solution is to handle changes through a governance proposal. [5:30m]

Initiative Collaboration

  • Convex bribes have diminished significantly due to market conditions and the collapse of Terra eliminating one of the largest sources of bribes. In the interest of de-risking treasury funds and taking advantage of a favorable unlock schedule, deetz and Wes suggest not re-locking the CVX position in order to retain optionality. [14:50]
  • The treasury team plans to withdraw protocol-owned funds from Rook liquidity pools based upon the pool utilization. [37:50m]
  • The stablecoin working group continues to investigate yield strategies and weigh the risk/reward based on current returns. [44m]
  • Cryptoken suggests implementing an ambassador program to increase awareness of Rook. [45:50m]


  • No Treasury Tuesday next week (next event will be 8/9).

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