Rook DAO Status Update 7.22.22

Rook DAO Status Update 7.22.22
Rook DAO Status Updates are community calls held every other Friday and are intended to quickly bring our community up to speed on the latest developments, decisions, investments, and events that matter most to our community.

To participate in the calls and ask any questions you may have, join our Discord!

Housekeeping [0m]

  • Treasury Tuesday will continue every week.
  • The Gov Workshop will rotate with Community Office Hours (Wednesdays at 3pm ET).
  • KIP-26, which extends leadership powers, passed with over 26k ROOK in favor.
  • DAO Status Update calls will be used as a briefing to cover high-level details from engineering, governance, growth, and treasury, and to provide an open forum to discuss general DAO-related topics.

Engineering [3:50m]

  • Frill has been added to to collect user feedback.
  • UI beta testing for the token pair sort feature has been completed.
  • A bug fix around mobile wallets has been released.
  • Ninja Bot has been improved with major arbitrage refactoring.
  • Hazard recently recorded a podcast. Stay tuned for the release! In the meantime, listen to the Rook x Tokemak AMA.

Governance [6:30m]

Growth [8m]

  • Discussions with prospective market makers and keepers are ongoing.
  • Integrations are being pursued with vendors, including a team presence at EthCC in Paris this week.
  • A Decentralized Payment for Order Flow presentation was given to a small group.

Treasury [10m]

  • The treasury will begin deploying 20% of the approved allocation of ETH next week.
  • The Maple withdrawal is ongoing, pending borrower repayments and quick action during the open withdrawal window.
  • The MPL position has been liquidated for $76,498 USDC.

Upcoming [13m]

  • Discord & documentation upgrades are in progress.
  • The next Treasury Tuesday will discuss stablecoin strategy and Labs budget.
  • The Gov Workshop will return next Wednesday with a focus on Governance v2 and the Sophon framework.
  • Shoutout to for providing these recaps!

Open Forum [16:30m]

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