October Development Update

October Development Update

Between governance initiatives, the community growth, and advancing closer to the Coordination Game launch, this month has once again flown by.

Before we get into the updates, we want to recognize a milestone date for KeeperDAO. On November 1st, 2020, the very first ROOK token was minted, making today ROOK's official 1st birthday! We want to offer our congratulations to our founding team, the community, and the DAO, and can't wait to see what happens over the next year.


Governance has been the hot topic for our community, bringing new and old voices to the forefront of the conversations that guide and transform our DAO. The introduction of Town Halls, which simply started as a few community members wanting to hash out some emissions details, has proved to be a driving force in moving governance forward.

We started this month ratifying our process via KIP-0 and introduced our first Sophons via KIP-1. Next KIP-2, KIP-3, and KIP-4 passed without major (or any) objections, paving the way for Labs to continue to operate and grow, reducing emissions, and using the revenue to buy back and burn ROOK.

Looking ahead, we want to continue to refine our governance system to improve its efficiency and enhance participation. We will be hosting regular Town Halls and improving communications on all governance activities.

Coordination Game

The Coordination Game development continues, and most excitingly, we are beginning to conduct full end-to-end tests that encapsulate all of the system's features. We have also finalized the core smart contracts, standardized smart contract interactions, and are in the process of integrating the smart contracts with the Coordinator itself.

Significant progress has also been made in designing the UI/UX for the Coordination Game dashboards. These dashboards will allow people to observe and interact with different components of the Coordination Game.

Ninja Upgrades

Ninja continues to be improved, and some key upgrades were deployed this month that are essential for upcoming developments. First, Ninja has been generalized to handle integration with Aave, completing a key milestone for "kAave". Second, Ninja has also been integrated with the Coordination Game.

KeeperDAO Labs Projects

KeeperDAO Labs has brought on several new contributors to handle specialized projects, all uniquely pushing the DAO forward. We are excited about our four new IC's: @azazello, @destroyr, @ye, and @ash40370563. They are working on our new metrics dashboard, integrating limit orders with Tally, a discord bot with all types of cool functionality, and helping with documentation and community engagement.

KeeperDAO dApp

The latest version of the KeeperDAO dApp is in the final stage of development. We have also made significant upgrades to the trading screen, with a focus was on performance, stability, and scaling.

Overview of upgrades deployed:

  • Several performance optimizations
  • Several UI tweaks (loading animations, token list modals)
  • App remembers previous token choices on page reload
  • Privacy-focused web analytics added to support scaling to an increased number of users
  • Infrastructure improvements to support scaling
  • Removed dependency on 3rd party API responsible for some UI bugs

KeeperDAO Website

We have continued to develop the project website, and have added an About page, which is our consolidated information hub for all things KeeperDAO.

We have also added a link to our recently revamped Brand Assets and Guidelines, which is a resource for the press and other protocols to properly reference our DAO, and for community members to create KeeperDAO branded content while keeping our visual style cohesive. You can view the Brand Assets and Guidelines here.

Business Development

The Labs team has been busy networking and developing partnership opportunities. Tally hosted Lapras and Hazard on a community call to discuss all things KeeperDAO, while WhatstheDeetz (and Tommy for a moment!) presented on our limit order integration on Bancor's community call. We also saw appearances from Maple Finance, Maven 11, BanklessDAO, Visor, and others on our community calls and town halls. With the Coordination Game looming, and interest in our treasury spiking, we know that there is no better time than now to forge and solidify partnerships throughout the DeFi ecosystem.

Community Growth

One of the greatest things about KeeperDAO is the amount of talent and passion our community possesses. Many have stepped forward offering their time, talent, and creativity to make the KeeperDAO community a better place.

WhatsTheDeetz has begun rallying these individuals and will be forming a trusted group of community leaders to take on specialized projects that focus on engaging and retaining community members utilizing grants and volunteerism. The first meeting will be over a game of poker this Wednesday, Nov 3rd, at 4PM PDT. If this is something that interests you, please DM whatsthedeetz ♜♜♜#7195 on Discord.

Looking Ahead

Act V is just around the corner, so stay tuned for a deeper dive into what lies ahead for emissions, tokenomics, development, and forecasting. With governance hitting its stride, we are all continuing to put growth, quality, and efficiency at the forefront, as we look to consider consensus-driven proposals, and fund the expansion of the DAO.

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