WOO + KeeperDAO

WOO + KeeperDAO

Today, KeeperDAO and WOO Network are happy to share news of a budding and symbiotic relationship! To those unfamiliar, WOO Network provides deep liquidity to exchanges, institutions, traders and other applications - both in CeFi and DeFi. WOO Network is incubated by Kronos Research, one of the leading quantitative trading firms in the cryptocurrency space.


The collaboration between WOO and KeeperDAO begins with a listing of ROOK on WOO X!

Since it's launch this August, WOO X has quickly become a one-stop-shop for professional traders around the world, peaking at over $2.5 billion in volume per day. With best-in-class liquidity, minimal slippage, zero trading fees, and a customizable trading interface, WOO X is an ideal off-chain solution to discover, buy, and trade ROOK.

Furthermore, the WOO Network establishes more stable market behavior for ROOK by providing liquidity support on an institutional level with over 40 connected clients and exchanges.

ROOK will begin trading on WOO X on November 4 at 8 AM UTC.

WOO and KeeperDAO, on-chain

KeeperDAO will use its expertise in MEV-prevention to improve the on-chain trading and market making of the WOO Network. The two teams are actively exploring how WOO Network can participate in KeeperDAO's decentralized products including the Coordination Game and Hiding Game, to join this best-in-class DeFi infrastructure with the deep liquidity and expertise of WOO.

As KeeperDAO continues the journey of building the infrastructure for a collaborative crypto future, we find ourselves thrilled by this new symbiotic relationship with WOO Network.

Note: To allow WOO to offer orderly markets, 800 ROOK has been sent from Strategic Reserves to WOO in this transaction. These 800 ROOK are a loan (not a swap).

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