September Development Update

September Development Update

This last month saw Governance take center stage, but we want to end the month just as we began, by reaffirming the 'why' in our "Mission of KeeperDAO" article, and refocusing on our core values. These values:

  • Decentralize
  • Solve hard problems
  • Search for "win-win" scenarios
  • MEV doesn't belong to block producers
  • Reward those that add value

are the compass we use to "guide decisions and the project's direction, and help us represent the ideals we would like to strive for."

Day in and day out, we see these values resurface, and the latest community call was a perfect encapsulation of how we had hoped to see the community adopt these values as they consider our future. We hope that you all continue to showcase the passion and intelligence that we have seen in governance discourse, and know that we are so excited to be on this journey with you.

Coordination Game

The Coordination Game development is still on track with the Roadmap, and we are excited with the progress we have seen over the last month. We have continued development on the Coordinator, which is the brains behind the decision making logic that coordinates actions between Keepers and our protocol. We have also made progress with the Coordination Game's smart contracts.


Governance kicked off with a bang last week, and we couldn't be more thrilled with the response. Below is a list of Governances resources released this month:

We also hosted an informal office hours call on KIP-2, and dove deeper into all of our governance happenings on KeeperDAO Community Call #3. As discussed on KDCC3, we are looking to do some extra due diligence on KIP-0 and KIP-1 before moving forward with the rest of the KIPs. Stay tuned for an announcement on them soon. We also will hold calls more frequently going forward for all KIPs.

ROOK Transfer

In discord we announced that the Core team made a 50,000 ROOK transfer to the KeeperDAO Treasury from strategic reserves, which instantly increased the Net Asset Value of the DAO Treasury by ~9.5%. This transaction represents a balancing of influence of any single party, as distribution continues to even out over time. Decentralisation is the underlining of the DAO - and this line bolded this week. We can't wait to see what the community comes up with to put this ROOK, and the rest of the Treasury, to good use.

Keeper Bot

Our Keeper bot continues to receive upgrades, and this month we were able to improve its backtesting tools, we identified a few bugs and deployed fixes, and continue to add features and improvements that enhance efficiency.

KeeperDAO App Improvements

We know that our user experience can always be improved, and we are always working towards future improvement on the app that bring in ideas that both the team and the community want to see on our protocol. We have been iterating on a new DEX trading protocol design with optimizations for existing limit orders and great efficiency for coming instant orders. Our goal is to add features, improve gas efficiency, and dramatically improve the user experience. Our early tests and proof of concepts have been checking all of these boxes so far.

Hiding Vault

The Hiding Vault has two features that are in development to strengthen its functionality. Based on internal discussions and feedback from the community, we have prioritized development on AAVE integration, which is making progress. We also are working on an auto-leverage product that will provide users with the opportunity to use their vault to create leveraged positions on their assets in a single transaction.

The KeeperDAO Team

We announced earlier this month that we hired Avin to our engineering team. We have continued his onboarding, and he will start out by helping build out our backend infrastructure.

We are still hiring for the Lead DeFi Engineer position, and have seen a community KIP drafted that proposes using significant treasury assets for recruiting talent.

UI Updates

We are always looking for ways to improve the UI for each of our products, and this month we have been working on warning styles for the Hiding Book that ensure users can understand quickly and easily if there are any potentially undesirable outcomes from the order the are creating. We have more updates in the works and will roll them out after they have been fully vetted internally.

External Data

We are making sure when potential or current users see KeeperDAO on external sites, they see accurate and useful information. We have taken significant strides, but still have more work left to complete.

This month, we worked with the good folks over at DeFi Pulse to clean up the dashboard and now that it has been updated, we have accurate financial and audit information on our page. You can view it here.

In even more exciting news, thanks to some great community collaboration with Sh4dow, we now have an updated Dune dashboard. You can find key stats including:

  • Total LP and Hiding Vault TVL
  • Treasury USD Value Chart with Asset Breakdown
  • Hiding Game volume and total USD saved in gas from orders
  • and much more!

Hiding Book Resources

We released a new web page for Hiding Book Partners, and for developers, we revised and expanded documentation for all aspects of working with KeeperDAO. These projects were a truly collaborative effort, and we want to give special recognition and many thanks to Pai-Sho, Rama, Tommy, Watts, D3stroyr, Breeze, Koushik, 9999999333, Kschan. If you have not already checked it out, you can view the new Hiding Book integration docs here, and the new developer docs here.

Looking Ahead

As we revisit KIP-0 and KIP-1 in public discourse over the next few days, and submit our improved architecture for consensus, we can't help but buzz with anticipation. We have major projects in the works, exciting community proposals to discuss, significant assets available to drive us forward, and most importantly, the right people participating in this DAO.

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